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Ozone Homz
We found Homz website by word of mouth through a friend that just remodeled their bathroom. We saw the products at their home and we were very impressed. We then decided to remodel our 3 baths and ordered products online on Ozone@Homz. Our experiences with the company was excellent, everyone was very professional and helpful. I will definitely will use the company again and recommend it to everyone we know.
- Varun Sood, Delhi
Site, products and communication was done a quick timely fashion. The final product was perfect and exactly what I was hoping for.
- Rahul Khanna, Noida
I am in the early phase of an addition to my home in Gurgaon and the Ozone@Homz products have been great help to set my needs correctly, falling right under my budget.
- Preeti Gupta, Gurgaon
I am very impressed with the website and it’s a total ladies delight products…...
- Shashi Rai, Ahmedabad
We found Homz site on the internet when we were looking for security products for my important documents for cabinets. I also recommended to my parents and they had the same experience. Thank you and we’ll be using you again
- Rachan Koppikar, Chandigarh
Ozone@Homz contains a large variety of product range for home utility products. Staff is very friendly and willing to help and offer timely response.
- Aarti Nabh, Kochi
Great product and service - Highly Recommended
- Sumeet Sharma, Chatisgarh- Raipur
I Know Ozone for its Glass fittings but never knew that they have come up with such wonderful collection of Homes solution
- Suriender Singh, Bombay
I like the dependability, the quality of the products , and the reliability of Ozone@Homz. I have seen the products in the market and happy to buy the same online now.

- Kashif Haque, Rajkot
"I highly recommend Homz products! I always tell my friends about reliable products, service and lower costs that Ozone@Homz offers.

- Avani
"I have had no problems, gives me peace of mind!"
- Aruna Sood
Hey guys ! I bought a Ozone OES-303B Safe around 8 months before and i must say it is a wonderful product !
- Devang Shah

Laszlo Ironing Board a fantastic product, i would recommend this to everyone. i love it!!

- Kiran

We purchased the ozone automatic cloth drying rack with UV disinfection which has helped us enormously. This not only has saved a lot of space but is also able to dry clothes at a faster rate as well. This overall is a blessing in disguise for all peoples.

- Jyoti

Kitchen Step is Perfect to carry for Oldies who have joint problem and cannot sit on ground. This is light weight and easy to carry

- Kavita

Kitchen Step - Very Useful for housewife as well as children , also we can use as a chair ..........

- Priyanka

I bought kitchen Step for my mother and she uses it all over the house. Its small, portable, but very stable

- Pooja

Handy Step Stool - An awesome, light weight, easy to carry ladder that it just high enough for almost anywhere and fits in any space. I highly recommend this stool for those hard to reach spots, like the shelves above the fridge or changing a light bulb, or putting up curtains.

- Chinki

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